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Marymound Achieves Historic Milestone as the First Organization to Attain Full Certification in Creating Presence, a Revolutionary Trauma-Informed Intervention Model.

Marymound, a leading organization dedicated to providing essential services for youth and children, proudly announces its groundbreaking achievement as the first organization to receive full certification in Creating Presence. Developed by renowned trauma expert Dr. Sandra Bloom, Creating Presence stands as a transformative model of intervention, guiding organizational growth through trauma-informed training and fostering resilient practices.

Dr. Sandra Bloom’s Creating Presence model represents a paradigm shift in trauma-informed care, emphasizing the development of trauma-responsive practices for staff and delivering trauma-specific treatment for the youth and children served by Marymound. This certification is a testament to Marymound’s commitment to excellence in providing the highest standards of care and support.

Creating Presence goes beyond traditional approaches by creating a holistic framework that not only supports the staff but also fosters a climate of safety, trust, hope, and resilience for the clients. This innovative model acknowledges the impact of trauma on individuals and organizations, offering a comprehensive solution to build a culture of understanding and support.

“Creating Presence has been a transformative journey for Marymound.  Sustaining and continuing to grow as a trauma-responsive and resilient organization will remain at the core of our strategic plan” said Nancy Parker, Executive Director at Marymound.

The Creating Presence certification positions Marymound at the forefront of trauma-informed care, setting a new standard for organizations in the field. By integrating this model into their practices, Marymound is poised to provide an even higher level of care, further enhancing the positive impact on the lives of the individuals they support.

Dr. Sandra Bloom, the founder of Creating Presence expressed her enthusiasm about Marymound’s achievement, stating, “Marymound’s commitment to implementing Creating Presence demonstrates a profound dedication to the well-being of both staff and clients. This certification is a significant step toward creating a culture of healing and resilience within the organization.”

As Marymound celebrates this remarkable achievement, the organization looks forward to continuing its mission of providing exceptional care, support, and opportunities for growth to the youth and children it serves.