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Healing Supports

Independent Options Program (IOP)

Marymound’s Independent Options Program (IOP) assists young people with securing independent housing, education and post-secondary planning, employment, money management, healthcare, and navigating community and mental health resources – all while developing their interpersonal communication, and relationship building skills with one-on-one facilitators.

Any young person between the ages of 16 and 21 who is currently in the care of a child welfare agency is eligible for a referral. The program goal is full independence, built on a foundation which ensures there are many hands-on opportunities to provide the youth with the skills they need to live independently. Marymound staff support each youth in a flexible and specially tailored program to meet their needs.

Youth in the Independent Options Program are supported by the Program Manager, Clinical Case Managers, Independent Living Transition Facilitators, Family Enhancement Facilitators, relief staff and an Administrative Assistant. 

Referrals and Intake Process:

  • All referrals to IOP are made directly from child welfare agencies to the Program Manager
  • A referral package includes a funding breakdown, Life Promotion Assessment, referral information, current social history and Missing Children in Care Response Plan & Procedure (if applicable).
  • All potential clients must participate in an intake meeting to establish motivation, interest and receive information regarding the rights and responsibilities in the program
  • The determination of risk and protective factors are assessed to conclude suitability and potential success within the program

Contact Marymound’s Indepedent Options Program or the Young Parents Program:

Phone: 204-338-7971
Email: [email protected]