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Healing Supports

Treatment Foster Care

Marymound’s Treatment Foster Care program provides children and youth with a therapeutic home environment to grow, develop and experience belonging. Caregiving can be carried out by individuals, couples and families in the community. A foster parent’s role is to nurture, support and care for children and youth currently unable to reside with their natural families. Treatment Foster Parents will strive to keep connections of the child/youth with their family and community.

Rooted in the organization’s core values, The Marymound Way is to go above and beyond in striving to always do what is in the best interest of the children and youth. Marymound utilizes a trauma-informed, attachment-focused child caregiver model. We support the children and youth in our program to become resilient and have an abundance of strengths to build upon so they may reach their full potential.

Program Structure

Marymound is a leader in the area of Treatment Foster Care. As a Treatment Foster Parent(s) you will be guided and supported by a Marymound Clinical Case Manager and be an active member of the child or youth’s treatment team. You will be further supported by a 24-hour emergency on-call service, on-site clinical consultation and cultural programming. Treatment Foster parents will also receive monthly professional development training and bi-weekly clinical meetings. You will be assigned a Clinical Case Manager to lead the treatment team for the child/youth in your treatment foster home

Criteria and Process

Initial inquiries to fostering are screened by Clinical Case Manager(s). If selected, all potential foster parents in Marymound’s Treatment Foster Care Program undergo a thorough assessment process known as a Structural Analysis Family Evaluation (SAFE) Home study. The outcome of the Home study will determine if you are recommended for a foster care license.

Once successfully licensed, Marymound will initiate the process of matching a child or youth for your home. Children and youth are referred to our Treatment Foster Care Program by the Province and individual Child and Family Services agencies. Before a child and/or youth is placed in your treatment foster care home, you will be informed of their strengths and treatment needs and a process of pre-placement visits will be carried out.

Respite Services

Respite is an important service to you as a foster parent. You will be supported to develop a respite team that meets the needs of your family and child/youth placed in your care. Respite providers will be required to complete a Respite Application, all applicable checks and be approved prior to beginning to provide respite services.

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