Healing Supports

Bagosenim Assessment and Planning

The program is designed to assess and support future plans for youth ages 12-17. Typically these youth are new to CFS care or have had a long-term home or placement breakdown. Ideally the youth participate in the assessment process which informs a variety of recommendations for the youth and CFS.

The Bagosenim team is composed of the Manager, Program Coordinator, Clinician, Youth Care Workers and as much time with the Cultural Healing Services team and Resident Elder as possible.

The program is accessed through CFS’ Provincial Placement Desk. Agency workers make referrals which are then sent to the Manager of the program for review.

Children and youth receiving services from Child and Family Service agencies are sometimes in need of a safe and nurturing place to stay for a brief period while the people who care for them try to determine what their needs are. This assessment is an important part of creating recommendations to help determine the most appropriate placement and supports needed for the child/youth, and helps to increase the chances that the plans and services provided will result in stability, security, and safety.

The program will provide short-term care for children and youth while the team undertakes an assessment of their strengths and needs.

The program is committed to working with parents and caregivers. The clinical team can offer a range of services, and are available after discharge to continue to work with the youth and family/caregiver as requested to support a successful transition.

Program referrals are centralized through the Provincial Placement Desk: