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About Marymound

About Us

Marymound is a youth and family social services organization operating in Winnipeg and Thompson, Manitoba.

Marymound provides a number of programs and services for vulnerable youth including crisis stabilization, assessment and treatment programs, group homes, treatment foster care, clinical services and cultural healing services based on a Two-Eyed Seeing approach that focuses on cultural renewal, land-based healing and Western therapeutic interventions, youth addiction services, sexual abuse treatment, youth education services including an independent therapeutic school and off campus school for older youth, an education bursary fund for current and past clients of Marymound, independent living programs, young parents programming, maternal health and early childhood supports, youth employment readiness, cultural programming and training.

Our Mission

Providing a continuum of care to support our youth and families as they overcome, advance and belong.

Our Vision

Brighter futures and a stronger, more vibrant community.

Our Values: The Marymound Way

Rooted in our core values, the Marymound Way is to go above and beyond in striving to always do what is in the best interests of the children and youth that we serve. These values also guide us through our relationships with employees, stakeholders and collateral organizations. Marymound will continue to honour the legacy of our founders, the Sisters of the Good Shepherd, by following the Marymound Way and bringing these values to life with enthusiasm and passion.


We believe in the intrinsic value and individual worth of each person. Respect is non-judgmental and is the basis of organizational integrity. We will honor each person’s own unique experience, history and connection to family, community, heritage and culture. Respect is about working in a way that is inclusive, transparent, and empowering.


We have a deep desire to serve others and will go above and beyond to journey with each child and the physical, emotional and spiritual challenges that they are experiencing. We believe in unconditional acceptance, kindness, reconciliation, and finding the good. Compassion shows itself when we are fully present to the needs of each other and respond in a way that is most helpful and of service.


We honor the resilience shown everyday by our children, youth and their families; their ability to bravely face adversity to overcome, advance and belong. As an organization we will embrace change, challenge obstacles, take risks and through innovation, strive to be leaders in our field. We will continuously advocate for our children and youth and their families. Our staff shows courage to our children, youth and their families, going above and beyond often in challenging circumstances and by celebrating our successes together.


We believe spirituality is an individual experience that is intertwined with one’s personality, culture and life history. Spirituality is a means to connect to one’s self, others and a higher power according to each person’s beliefs. Attention to spirituality is an integral and foundational part of what we do and value.


We recognize that the desire for health and wholeness for our youth is shared with others. We will actively seek out partnerships that promote healing and growth for all. Through collaboration with our children, youth, and their families, Indigenous communities, funders, colleagues and the community at large, we will work towards a sense of shared responsibility that enhances our collective impact.