About Marymound


Creating PRESENCE is a new online organizational and clinical approach for creating trauma-informed, trauma-responsive and trauma-resilient organizations.

It is Marymound’s goal to become a trauma-informed, trauma-responsive and trauma-resilient organization. The Creating PRESENCE model provides everyone in an organization with some basic knowledge about trauma, adversity and stress and advances the emergence of trauma-informed values, knowledge, practice and skills.

PRESENCE is an acronym for linked guiding values that consistently informs practice:

Partnership & Power
Reverence & Restoration
Emotional Wisdom & Empathy
Safety & Social Responsibility
Embodiment & Enactment
Nature & Nurture
Culture & Complexity
Emergency & Evolution

Marymound has developed our PRESENCE Implementation Team. Introductory and differentiated staff and Board training are  completed and we have completed our portfolio development.

Marymound is the first organization globally to be fully certified in the Creating PRESENCE model and will be the lead organization in the global Learning Collaborative that is expected to launch in 2023/2024.

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