Education & Life Skills Building


Pathways Off-Campus Learning Centre addresses learners’ unique needs with a low teacher-student ratio of 1:4. The program is centered around experiential learning in cultural, academic, and employment focused contexts.

Pathways guides students with different individual needs up to the age of 19, from grade nine to grade 12. Some may study strictly academics, choose volunteering/work experience, or opt for work experience with academics. Students may graduate high school from Pathways, go to an adult learning centre to get a mature diploma, transition directly into work, or work training. Pathways students are engaged with a goal and that’s the reason for the program name. There are many paths a student can pursue to achieve their diploma or other goals.

Three staff (teacher, EA, Work Experience Coordinator) are part of a larger team taking into account each student’s needs, mental health histories, home lives, and behavioural struggles – much of what brought the student to Marymound School in the first place.

The full-time work experience advisor connects students to local businesses, agencies and community organizations to explore possible career or post-secondary options.

Enrollment is open for up to 12 students from other school divisions and students in care at Marymound. These learners often face multiple barriers to learning and therefore struggle with traditional learning methods and mainstream school settings.

Inquiries and referrals to Pathways can be made to Marymound School:
Phone: 204-338-7971
Email: [email protected]

For more information about the Pathways program please contact Alex Jackson, classroom teacher: