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Marymound Student Bursary Program

Were you ever at Marymound – in a group or foster home, or did you attend Marymound School? Maybe you have received other services from Marymound.

If you are registered or planning to enroll in a full or part-time post-secondary education or training program, you may be eligible for a Marymound bursary.

The Marymound Bursary Program provides educational funding to eligible young people who received services from Marymound or who resided in a Marymound placement for a minimum of six months.

Funds are provided to help cover costs such as tuition, books, and more while you are attending school. Individual bursary awards may range from between $500 to $2000 dependent on available funding and number of applicants.

In most cases, Marymound bursaries are awarded twice annually.

Application deadlines are July 15th and November 15 but exceptions can be made. Please contact us if you would like to discuss a date that works better for your program.

The selection committee may request an in-person interview.

April Lahn-Ladobruk Memorial Bursary

A wonderful mother, grandmother, friend and colleague, April Lahn Ladobruk was a rare treasure. She was hilarious, loyal, generous, and kind. She was an amazing woman with such strength and compassion.

April’s door was always open. She was a fountain of common sense and always provided an empathetic and listening ear to all who knew her.  She knew how to live life and not just exist in it. She knew that time was precious and that it should not be wasted.

April was known for her kindness and dedication in everything she did. She was passionate and committed to making a difference in the lives of the youth that she encountered. April dedicated her professional life to Marymound, having been a child in care herself, she wanted to give back to the same place that supported her and because of the love she felt from the staff and from Sisters of the Good Shepherd.

April supported many youth who were entrenched with their own personal challenges and did it with respect and relationship. She cared deeply to the depths of her soul and the youth could sense that. She loved them, they knew it and they loved her

April’s life ended far too soon, but the legacy she leaves behind will continue to have an impact for many years to come. She taught us all the importance of relationship, kindness, loyalty, and unconditional love.

April would want to try to give a young person the opportunity to make their own difference in this sometimes-unfair world. The recipient of this bursary must have come from a previously disadvantaged background, and whose family, social or economic circumstances hinder their ability to learn at school. They must show perseverance to not give up on their dreams.

The April Lahn Ladobruk Memorial Bursary aims to assist a young person financially, under 25 years of age, and who is or has received services from Marymound, where they need it the most. Financial help can be to purchase diapers, baby formula, a bus pass, to help pay for a Manitoba Public Insurance Road Test (Driver’s License), or a Heavy Equipment Operator Test.  You might need to purchase new work boots for a job, we could help pay for the boots, etc.

Please make sure you are including a reference letter from a staff member and your current contact information so that you can be reached once a decision is made.

Application deadlines are July 15th and November 15 but exceptions can be made. Please email us if you would like to discuss a date that works better for your program.

We would like to try and make sure we can assist as many youth as we can, so unfortunately you can only receive this bursary once.

Please complete the April Lahn Ladobruk Memorial Bursary Request form and submit it online along with your reference letter to [email protected] or you can drop it off in person at Marymound, the front reception at 442 Scotia Street. You will be contacted by one of the committee members once a decision has been made.