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About Marymound

Our Team

The Marymound team is large and diverse with many individuals contributing their own unique talents to the important work that happens at Marymound every day.  

Clinicians, clinical case managers, outreach workers, teachers, program managers, program coordinators, nurses, paramedics, cultural healing workers, child and youth care practitioners, youth addiction stabilization workers, independent living transition facilitators, education crisis advisors, educational assistants, adolescent treatment counselors, dietary, housekeeping, maintenance and administrative professionals make up the supportive team that is Marymound.

2023-2024 Marymound Board of Directors

John Lovell, Board Chair

Marg Synyshyn, Vice Chair

Ibukun Adetero

Cheryl Blahey

Brian Brown

Lumena Cabral

Steve Carson

John Deitz

Theresa Harvey Pruden

Kendell Joiner

Raymond Prefontaine

Leah Shaw

Terry Shaw

Executive Leadership Team

Nancy Parker
Executive Director

Nadia Dias
Programs Director

Lea-Anne Stagg
Director, Human Resources

Mardy Yager
Director, Operations & Fund Development

Kelli Gaudry
Executive Assistant

Muhammad Aziz
Interim Director, Finance and Administration

Sonya Warga
Clinical Director

Dawn Isaac
Director of Organizational Development and Cultural Services

Rhett Turner
Principal, Marymound School