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Youth Education Service (YES)

Working in partnership with families and community schools, the Marymound Youth Education Service (YES) Program provides immediate, short-term help to students and families.

Our Education Crisis Advisors (ECA’s) have the knowledge, expertise and experience to assist in supporting or finding the right program, (vocational or educational) based on individual needs and abilities, for a student in crisis.

Based on individual needs and abilities, the ECA may provide one-on-one educational support, transportation, help the student’s family and school work together to improve the school experience and make it more successful, or develop a plan to help a student ease back into a school setting.

Our ECA’s will support students in grades K-12 who are in crisis by helping them with:

  • Getting to school
  • Catching up on credits
  • Finding alternative programs
  • Advocating for them
  • Connecting the student to therapy and mentorship
  • Developing healthy school routines

Marymound’s Youth Education Services (YES) Team

Erin Stewart – Coordinator
Brittany Critchlow – Education Crisis Advisor
Kensie Simpson – Education Crisis Advisor
Vanessa Alberti – Education Crisis Advisor
Nicky Lupyrypa – Education Crisis Advisor

The Youth Education Services (YES) Program is part of the Youth Crisis Stabilization System.

For more information on accessing this program, please call: 204-338-7971