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About Marymound


Listed below are questions about Marymound that we get asked most often. If you do not find the answers to your questions here, we welcome you to phone us at 204-338-7971 or email [email protected]

Is Marymound just for girls?

No. Marymound offers programming to girls, boys and non-binary youth.

Is Marymound a school?

Marymound School is just one of the many programs we offer. Marymound offers community programs and services at our main location at 442 Scotia Street and several other locations in Winnipeg and has a satellite program in Thompson.

Is Marymound for youth in trouble with the law?

Marymound works primarily with young people who are in the care of Child and Family Services agencies or who live at home with their families. Although some of our young people are involved with the Justice System no one can be sentenced to spend time at Marymound.

How does a young person or family access Marymound for care?

For information on group homes or secure living through Marymound, call our switchboard at 204-338-7971 or the All Nations Coordinated Response Network at 944-4200 in Winnipeg or toll-free: 1-866-345- 9241.

For access to Marymound’s Crisis Stabilization Unit or Youth Education Services, young people and/or families should call the Youth Emergency Crisis Stabilization System at 204-949-4777 in Winnipeg or toll-free: 1-888-383-2776.

To acccess the Youth Addictions Stabilization Unit, please contact the Youth Addictions Centralized Intake Services toll free at 1-877-710-3999.

For the Sexual Abuse Treatment Program, young people and family members may contact us for confidential information or service. You may also reach us by phone at 204-944-7400. Please feel free to leave a message on this confidential, passcode protected phone line.

To learn more about Marymound School, young people not receiving services from Marymound already (living in a group home or living unit), must be referred to Marymound School by their school division. Contact the school in your area first and they will guide you through the process.

How long do kids stay at Marymound?

This depends very much on the program the young person is in:

In the secure units, the average stay is less than 12 months.

Most children live in our community group homes for between 18 – 30 months

In some cases, a youth may move from one program to another.

In foster care, young people may stay for several years, sometimes until they become adults.

At Marymound School, students stay for approximately one – three years, with the goal to move to community school as soon as it is appropriate.

The Youth Addictions Stabilization Unit stay is limited to one week.

The Crisis Stabilization Unit stay is typically just a few days.

Are kids locked in?

Marymound does have four secure units in Winnipeg, including the Crisis Stabilization Unit and the Youth Addictions Stabilization Unit. 

Ezhi Nanaandawai, The Way to Heal Centre, is a semi-secure facility. This program aims to enhance the lives of youth living with complex trauma, to stabilize risk-taking behaviours , to provide access to timely and integrated services and to create a positive transition experience.